STCI Finance Ltd : About Us



STCI Finance Limited (formerly known as Securities Trading Corporation of India Limited), is a systemically important non-deposit taking Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC-ND-SI) registered with Reserve Bank of India and is presently classified as a Loan NBFC.

The Reserve Bank of India, jointly with public sector banks and All India Financial Institutions, originally promoted Securities Trading Corporation of India in May 1994 with the objective of fostering an active secondary market in Government of India Securities and Public Sector bonds. The Company was accredited as one of the first Primary Dealers in India in the year 1996. RBI has since divested its holding in two phases in 1997 and 2002 in favour of banks and All India Financial Institutions. At present, Bank of India became the largest shareholder in the company with 29.96% stake.

With a view to diversify, the Primary Dealership business was demerged into its wholly owned subsidiary, STCI Primary Dealer (STCI-PD) in 2007 and Securities Trading Corporation of India converted itself into an NBFC. The Company has been classified as a Loan NBFC since the year 2011 and lending activity has become its core business. With a view to reflect the widening scope of its business, the name of the Company was changed from Securities Trading Corporation of India to ‘STCI Finance Limited’ with effect from October 24, 2011.

STCI Finance Limited is a diversified mid-market B2B NBFC offering its product and services across multiple locations in the areas of Capital Markets, Real Estate, Corporate Finance and Structured Finance.


STCI Primary Dealer Limited (STCI PD)
This company is a wholly owned subsidiary of STCI Finance Limited established consequent to the hiving off of the Company's primary dealership business in line with the Reserve Bank of India guidelines on diversification of business activities by primary dealers. The Company undertakes trading in government securities, corporate bonds, money market instruments, interest rate swaps and trading in equity.

STCI Commodities Limited
This company is a wholly owned subsidiary of STCI Finance Limited. The Company has discontinued its commodity broking operations with effect from September 20, 2011 and has also surrendered its membership with Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and National Commodity and Derivative Exchange(NCDEX).