STCI Finance Ltd : Career


Why STCI Finance Limited?

Growth and learning are an unending process at STCI Finance. Whether be it by way of introducing new products, catering to new segments or exploring new geographies, we are never static!


We have experienced bankers either on deputation from leading Public Sector Banks or Financial Institutions or Ex- Bankers with tremendous experience and understanding of the industry.


This gives the young members of our team an opportunity to learn what is to be done, the way it is to be done, from those who have been doing it all their lives!


Our employees are regularly sent for training sessions conducted by industry experts since we believe that “The day you stop learning is the day you start decaying”


There is constant on-the-job training wherein our employees learn new things everyday!


Our teams strike a perfect harmony between experienced management and the energetic executives who jointly drive towards achieving our mission.